Saturday, October 23, 2010

Magick Moon Women|A film by INdia

Magick MOon Women|A film by India O. Ame'y from india-saudade on Vimeo.

honouring the feminine. our blood has purpose. women of the earth, our bodies are sources of creation. we are not dirty, fractured, cursed, or anything similar. our bodies are holy. women are holy, as are men. participate in the shift back into the center, back to a pla...ce of balance. back to a place of worship. it's starts with self.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Back packing in the nude

my 34th earthday celebration

i was so gone in this photo....felt like i'd transitioned somewhere into something.

i am a wildseed in full bloom.

i can not tell you how being immersed miles into nature and feeling interconnected to everything around me (sometimes scared) yielded the best high I could ever herb necessary.

i got 30 bug 'love' bites and it was so worth it..


give thanks to the ancestors, known and unknown