Saturday, September 24, 2005

Which Bjork Song Are You?

All is Full of Love
You're "All is Full of Love"! You
appreciate the true beauty of love, and seek it
all around you. You should appreciate your

Which Bjork Song Are You (complete)?

Not suprised one bit. Have a beautiful week! LOL!

Another one:

Discover your Zodiac Personality
Discover your Zodiac Personality @ Quiz Me

i think "worries" is misspelled.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Where's your soft spot?

Happi Friday!

Aulelei Love (copy and paste coz i'on kno how to do links n stuff): makes me fall deeply in love with words, sounds, and visuals over and over again. I will be updating my sad, sad blog soonish and hopefully all the lovelies in cyberlalaland (wheeeee!!) will visit again. With all that's going on, there was this brewing urgency for me to update, prolly because I am neurotic about revamping stuff and I thought her warm gumbo of words created a simplistic, yet palatable visual every woman and every woman/man who loves a woman should know. Have a good weekend!

-------------------by Aulelei Love
i got heavy hands & a wide back & a jagged jaw & a superman chin. there's nothing dainty about my forehead, nothing fragile about my bones, my mouth can't form a whisper correctly, & i don't whimper, i wail. i curse. i kick, scream, & fuck. i nigga this. me & my scarred knees, latch key kid upbringing, i don't even eat pretty. i fight sleep, war with sheets, open mouth roar complaining about something. i sit open legged, sweat beneath my breasts & i'm always wearing a stain somewhere on me. there's no delicate dip in my waist introducing a smooth slide down round hips. no peak-a-boo space between my knock knees. no manicured landing strip silently directing lovers to my venus mound. i dirty talk loud. my body was not made to be quiet. i got crashing footsteps & clumsy lips.

but when i look at my neck, i am reminded that every woman has her soft spot. her unguarded entrance. vunerable & exposed & frail. that curve, that angle, that bend, that crook, that arc of mine. silently waiting to be noticed. to be appreciated & fawned over. there lies my elegance. my hushedtones. my tenderness. my birthright. my purity. my hope.

Simple yet palatable like homemade biscuits and warm socks from the dryer on a January's night with your lover and a Blockbuster movie. What's yours?
Although I disagree with the author on one area and most men, particularly heterosexual men, would probably disagree with me, men have "soft spots" too. But this theory, minus any empirical proof, is coming from from a self-identified mango goddess spreading fairy dust in the mean streets of the A.T.L., who believes the rigid gender binary is an illusion, purposely embedded in our psyches to keep us trapped and confused, !!to keep patriachy!! in place, and to spread unconcious and concious sexist biases like mestastic cancer. So what the hayell do I know:P!? So give it up son (non-gender specific :))! Where's your soft spot? My soft spot is my collarbone-neck region.

Photo 1: creeped frommy dear friend Kris' site: