Sunday, October 22, 2006


We sit at the kitchen table
the older one and me,
sipping carrot juice.
Two women of laughter and salt.
Wide open.
Lights perform an aerial dance around her skirt.

We move together--
move in the Here.
Fingers test body's solidity.
Eyes scan for the shore. I am a virgin again
in this house of dusk and magick.
we bathe each other of SILENCE.
Of sharp pain.
Of razor-locked words.
Of bitterness.
Of bruises.
Of shame
Of not being whole.

The tide surges and roars in our ears.
I sway to keep my balance,
while tender moments curl up for comfort.


treasure upon treasure.
wet. fierce. wild.
passion wakes us up in a
different country.
Here--I can do nothing but surrender.

We sit at the kitchen table
the older and me,
sipping on a warm glass of carrot juice.

And Imagining.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


i made a commitment to TELL every person whose soul/art/mind/body moves me that they move me--they are love--whether i know them well or not.

we aren't always ready for praise. we view unexpected love with suspicion. we don't receive compliments. women, trans & queer folks aren't always comfortable with being seen for their beauty. so often we have been taught that compliments come with a price.

i don't want anything back from the people in exchange...

except maybe an occassional smile,

but even THAT isn't necessary.

i just want to acknowledge the divinity in people--in MYSELF, in YOU--and in this way, i am living my religion: all love.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Good-bye Georgia--I'm moving

I'll blog again around the first of year. Thanks for giving me over 700 HUGS :-). I love hugs, I need hugs...we all need hugs (insert harmonica and violins here)