Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A passionate affair with LIFE

I live love . My holy trinity is music song and dance. MUSIC is the Love .Song is how we make Love happen and Dance is the Love happening.In my solitary moments, I am a off-key singer, a dancer, a musical alchemist, a writer, a naturopath, a healer, a fairydarkgodess, a writer...or even invisible sparkles of light...

I like natural-ness... I'm hold the visual of owning an eco-friendly sustainable home.

Everything is music we are all vibrations through sound.

I am in Love with you, with all of us! I fall in love with moments. Always remember we have the power to Love ourselves into existance.This is how we do it! I am MerAngel Akelahtumeril, which means servant of Love embodying Light. I come from the Sun Star that some call Sirius. I entered the earth through the stargate under the ocean within the bermuda triangle. I am a shapeshifter .I come in many forms . I come in ecstacy and Love. I come in peace.I come to assist in the rememberance of life as The eternal orgasm .I come as Love in all things. I adore healthy food. I believe in sexual healing. I'm devoted to my higher self.

Nature Freak


The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature. --Ann Frank

Nature is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere. -Blaise Pascal

To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug. -Helen Keller

Birth, life, and death -- each took place on the hidden side of a leaf. -Toni Morrison


When in doubt, go outside. It's just that simple. --kilimanjaro (me, me, me)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

walking lightly, living brightly

I wonder if beauty is something that awakens our senses, stirs the life in us, adds dimension to our souls. As I get older, I have begun to find an inner glow that feels much more real and sustaining, nurturing, wise, and radiant. Real. It comes from looking with soft eyes, with compassion, seeing beyond the obvious, releasing judgment, and entering fully into the community of the soul. It comes from gathering in, rather than holding at arms length.

It is easy to see the beauty of the ocean if it brings renewal to a tired soul. It is harder to find beauty in the daily grind. If that daily grind included, poverty, homelessness, financial problems, abuse, to name a few things, it might be harder arouse the sense of beauty in a person. Renewal is harder. But I think it can happen. beauty is energy. I think of anger. In itself, rage is not beautiful, but if it can be channeled into song lyrics, a piece of artwork, etc. A kind of Fragile Beauty.

When we look with soft eyes, gentle, accepting eyes, a radiant smile, and an accepting and joyful heart, we see the beauty in others; and we look beautiful to them! Our beauty is impossible to miss. It is a felt beauty rather than a perceived one.

it is the innermost part of each of us. It is the Source of our being. For me, it is Godis, innately in ALL!

mmmmm. love this. love me. love you. i am comfortable with silence. i honor and receive the natural rythmns of GAIA. i honor and receive the divine feminine in all forms. i honor and receive life. i honor and receive breath. as a minimalist, every thing i need is HERE. i honor and receive my higher self. i honor and receive beauty of ALL. i have attracted every thing/person in my life; goodness, i am so powerful-- i surrender. i am divinely guided. bejeesus!!!!!!!!, i am so thankful at this moment that i still believe in imagination manifesting what i want in my life. i recognize the value of simply day-dreaming. i take lessons from 5 year olds. smile, AidniXOXO

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Let freedom ring!

I am in a place of total detachment and surrendering. I have simplified my existence. I have found a way to connect and sychronise my existence with Earth. I have truth in all areas of my life and walk in that fullness. I am healthy. I am loving. I am attracting and have attracted everything presently in my life; I recognize my power. At this moment, I am sooOOOoo free. I am soOOOOO grateful to be ALIVE and PRESENT.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Ruminatn #77-93-11Sexual Healing

The profane....the sacred, the duality of me. During the heat of passion in love-making, there's a energy of the past, ancestral energy, surrounding me and my lover. I haven't found a way to convey this to her, but during contact,i have moments that I feel this animal desire for her within. It is a natural desire, an instinct, that is just as open as my heart and energy simply pours in. At this moment, all of the sensory elements are noticed-- the sounds, the smells, the contact...until my intellectual mind comes in and overpowers the sensory self, causing me to become less aggressive and more mindful of my actions....such a pity, i know...but it happens.

I've only been romantically involved with A-Earth for two months---and each time, we have sexfuckinglove, I learn something new---something very beautiful- something sexy-something embarassing-or just something. It is my belief that when two women inimately connect, it becomes this oneness where you don't know where your body ends or where your lover's body begins. It is about being in a presence that defies time and space..two spirits coming together or two flames being magnetized toward each other. Or kinda like being on an instantaneous journey where each woman moves from her body and eyes and go through a doorway into a pure sensory place which expands into a burst of energy. This dance doesn't always have to happen, but since I believe EVERY area of my life is spiritual and sacred, I hold my intention HERE. ALWAYS.

I've held the vision that my next space will contain a bedroom big enough to hold a nice size altar. How beautiful it will be to know the same space I climax, I pray. I can imagine praying before bed and having some of that energy carry over into love-making or even gangsta ass-poppalocking a very sacred place.

I also hold the vision of making love outdoors more. There is a different sensation and awareness outdoors--the beautiful trees, the ground, the sky, the moon, the sun...all of that. I'm also more aware of my physical grounding and my physical body. I can imagine having wild, gangsta-boo-'put-your-hood-up' sex and then later making love at the altar. I've always believed that nature intensifies the physicality, the rawness, and the potency of sex. Peces...Have a beautiful Feburary month. Aidni, out.:D.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


I don't want to know who I am outside of how I feel. I don't want to know what other folks think I am either. I don't want to know what relatives tell their friends about me, that's not real. I don't want to know what lovers feel about me, because they will only know what is revealed. I don't want to know what the trees say to each other when I'm under their branches. I've even abandoned the church's idea of me, because they only regard that which fulfills their end, and to hell with me and the other queers. I don't want to be merely somebody's mother, or wife or the missing puzzle pieces. I don't want to be famous, or rich or worshipped, or exalted, or ordained, or sainted. I don't want to know who I am, outside of how I feel, because that is the only moment I can account for. And that's here and now. And that's all there needs to be. Feed me to the fields or bury me within your heart. None of this matters. All that exists is the NOWness of my being and outside of that is death. And I have not made peace with that yet. This moment is where the real truth lies. Yep.

amazing guitar solo-VAI

Friday, February 02, 2007

Queen B

on a metaphysical level- love is all around us, it is the very essence of all creation, so everything contains light and love. All physical matter, in its molecular density, contains seeds of love, the light quintessence of the universe. We look for love in relationships, the physical world... all very superficial places. But the main place we find love, is in spiritual enlightenment, and the realization that we are all pieces of Godis, all interconnected.

To twist the head around would be an act of magic, a supernatural feat. Prehaps there are supernatural forces at work when we are considering the divine nature of true love. something that is not of this world, but whose origins lie in other (more enlightened) dimensions.

Youll be given love
Youll be taken care of
Youll be given love
You have to trust it
Maybe not from the sources
Youve poured yours
Maybe not
From the directions
You are
Staring at
Twist your head around
Its all around you
All is full of love
All around you
All is full of love
You just aint receiving
All is full of love
Your phone is off the hook
All is full of love
Your doors are all shut
All is full of love ---Bjork lyrics