Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Photographer: Lorna Simpson

By combining text, wordplay, and visual material, Lorna Simpson’s photographs raise questions about our assumptions regarding race and gender by examining the ways in which we classify people through visual clues. Her photographs absolutely fascinate me and me loads of inspiration.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Witch's Brew: Astragalus

I am the apothecary. I enjoy making tonics, natural lip balms and moisturizers, natural spritzers and such. I want to share this new herb I stumbled across, astragalus. It's an herb that not really new at all; it's been used in Chinese medicine and perhaps with the medicine women in Nigeria, for thousands of years. It's prime focuses are to strengthen the immune system and aid in digestion. I like to make the tea year round and beef up my doses when my throat gets scratchy or if I feel any other signs of a cold coming. Thankfully I haven't had a cold in years and I don't want to ever get one again. The other wonderful benefit of drinking astragalus tea or liquid tincture is that it assists the digestive system, thereby giving an immediate surge in energy once it's been consumed over a short period of time. Most people's digestive systems have been comprised thanks to polluted air, over consumption of inorganic foods, drinking polluted water and carbonated drinks, addictions to sugars (the first drug we are introduced to), and stressful lives. Drinking astragulus tea would be beneficial to anyone who has an autoimmune deficiency such as AIDS, lupus, or even cancer. Look up the benefits, empower yourself. We have to take charge of your health, because traditional medicine won't, I promise.