Wednesday, January 30, 2008

LOVE lessons 101

::If someone is pretending to love you then they are using you as a practical tool in order to love themselves. They may not know this.It is quite possible for people to convince themselves that they are in love when in truth they are not,they simply like the idea of being in love.However although they may not know the difference you certainly will.This is a use of unskillful power and causes pain,suffering and anger.Trust your instincts, trust whatever you intuit--that's my mantra; if you feel that you are not truly loved, if the signs of love are not right and you constanly feel something is missing,then you may have the appearance of love,not the real thing.Love is not meant to be a source of pain,humiliation,grief,anger,emptiness or loss.....and the like

If this is your situation then it is better to remove yourself from it. Hard though it might be, it is a courageous step to take ,for only by ending a pretense of love can you allow real love to come to you.

::Love isn't what hurts people. Attachment hurts people. We become hurt because we become attached. Love should be received and given freely, with no strings attached. Far too few people truly understand this. You become attached when you want to hold on to that person. You desire to keep them. Never let them go. You cling to the idea that this relationship, these feelings, this moment, will last forever without changing, yet change is the only constant...unless you're dead, of course. And at this moment, the place where I sit my lovely behind, chooses life.

Once I begin to truly love me, India, the geekygoddess---it all made so much sense. Now I am attracting love because I recognize what it is. How perfect this equation is.

PHOTO: "Being" collection, Zanele Muholi

Monday, January 21, 2008

Keita: 1972 Vintage Schwinn

The inspirational Malian, self-taught photographer, Seydou Keita.

*My new/1972 Vintage out now! Her name tentatively is Sheila Applebottom!!