Monday, December 29, 2008

Self portrait: Red light and Yr-End Review

I learned about gratitude and being grateful---- always. I learned to be more open to people and (our) pain. I learned to be less selfish and more atruistic and other interested. I learned that community is important and art is life. I learned to be more honest, with myself first. I learned to
let fear fall away. I learned how much I love learning and teaching as a health educator. I learned how to bike to work in 15 minutes. I learned to stop saying my age. I learned to breathe deeper. I learned to enjoy FOOD, all types of food and chocolate and red wine. I learned my spirit craves green leafy veggies. I learned how cute lacy panties look on my fleshy, full bottom. I learned to greet my days with love in my heart and how love melts the coldest of hearts. I learned to smile with my body. I learned to nurture my spirit self. I learned how much I enjoy city walks. I learned to moisturize my hair with jojoba oil and various essential oils. I learned how important my connections to women are. I learned how much I like cats. I learned about awareness and to be aware of my ego and judgments. And last but not least, I learned to laugh it out, play and laugh like a 10 year old, and find joy in the simplest of.....


Sunday, December 28, 2008

The simple things: Edited by India

Photographer Unknown
Pranayama: " Sanskrit word meaning "lengthening of the prana or breath". Wikipedia

Monday, December 22, 2008

Barack Obama

I really love this man.
...As a women-centered queer woman, Barack could get it.
that is all


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gratitude during Holy-days

Art, Music, Photography, Nude Sketches, Film, Vision Boards, Farming, Juicing, Love-making, Books, Aromatherapy, Sistah-circles, Veggies, Biology and Anatomy, Health and Fitness, Architect and noticing it, Erotica, Treehouses, Walking, Cycling, Queer-Womanist, Outdoors, Live shows, Random Fashion, Smiling so hard my cheeks hurt, Gaia, bicycles, thrift stores, abstraction, moon-sun, 60-degree weather in December, indy group R.I.S.E., Grace Jones at 60-her new cd-her nude spread in Dazed Magazine, discovery art mags, Admitting mistakes, more and more fun, simple life, shifting, growing older, ashy feet/smooth skin, orgasms, blogs, journaling, meeting new people, color, and last by not least, celebrating my God-is self.

Seek Bliss,


Photographer unknown but what a beauty~

"i believe holy is what you do when there is
nothing between your actions
and the truth"
-stacyann chin, cross-fire (2002)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reflections of Self

Every person, place or thing shows us our relationship with ourself. There's nobody out there but you. And there's no place to go but here!

Photo: Zanele Muholi "Being"

Stay Blissful,

Love- India

Monday, December 08, 2008


1. Creating
2. Money to pay for school
3. Dynamic Dish (see picture)
4. Juicing
5. A comfortable, quiet living space
6. Warm biking clothes
7. Smooth skin
8. Warrior Poet
9. *my special place (can't wait for tomorrow)
10. Refocusing
11. Awareness
12. A healthy painless 3-day period
13. Late mornings
14. Netflix
15. Tight Embraces
16. Kale leaves
17. Love
18. Taking my time, no rush
19. Mending
20. Surrender
"A woman in harmony with her spirit is lke a river flowing. She goes at will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself, and only herself. " Maya Angelou

Sunday, December 07, 2008

A dear customer-friend of mine and I were talking about mothering, earth-consciousness, and being connected to the divine mother. I was impressed when she conveyed that she talks to her 16 year old daughter about the feminine presence in the divine, body awareness, and body image. In our conversation, I told her that she should also consider talking to her daughter about love-making now. She immediately cringed and I let it go after realizing how embarrassed she became at the thought.

There are a lot of women like my customer friend who are wonderfully liberated in many ways but can't talk about love-making. As women of African descent, we were taught to never talk about our sexuality or even think about what turns us off. I understand how the history of African Americans informed our sexual repression. I do. I do. And I don't take that lightly. However, my frustration is activated when "liberated" sistahs, sistahs who challenge the status quo, sistahs who appear to have stepped outside of the box, sistahs who have redefined relationships with women but can't articulate a conversation around love-making and/or have challenges when it comes to making love to themselves or other women. Surprisingly, many of the aforementioned women are self-identified lesbians, creating huge misconceptions that all lesbians are great lovers to other women.

I want to be clear: I don't claim to be an expert in lovemaking, particularly because I am still beautifully unfolding and learning. But I will claim what I've learned so far. I learned that energy is absolutely everything, literally and they're some energies that should not connect intimately. It's a chemistry that becomes chemically imbalanced when forced to unite in such an intense, passionate way. Even if the physical outcome of such exchange appears satisfying to the body, the spirit knows truth and eventually an internal shift occurs, creating an internal imbalance that causes everything to feel "off." Oftentimes people try to recreate what they thought they felt in the beginning of the relationship, but spirit knows and responds accordingly.

I haven't had sex in a few months, but I've been intimate. My most recent relationship was short, amazingly beautiful, powerful, sexless, and yet my best relationship to date. That relationship birthed awareness, stillness, and agape, showing me what an authentic, honest connection and attraction feel like. I am moving from a personal, individual self into a transpersonal understanding of the deep and subtle interconnectedness of the universe and people. In this experience, I am realizing that the "I", the "me" is not more important the "we" or "us," which allows me to intuit more clearly. I'm grateful and wonderfully delighted, for I know that my new lover(s) is/are near. I cleared out and charged up so much so that I feel her. As a result, I've started creating art again, a testament to my awakening consciousness and awareness. Sexual power is the energetic force that brings life onto this Earth. Whereas no child is conceived during lesbian love-making or intimacy, the creative life energy can conceive a new attitude, a new perception, or a new way of Being.

Photo: Sketched and digitally painted Oshun and Freya

Seek Bliss,

India A.