Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thoughts become things

*remembering to look people deeply and lovingly longer than is socially acceptable

*getting all A's this semester

*non-profit employment

*dissolving the projected, ego entity that I created for protection against transparency

*Move from self-absorption to appreciation..thanks A

*move my ass: dance, bike, run, walk, climb


*soul-connect; cosmic connections, love, amazingly sexy beautiful lovemaking, sharing

*healing days

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Goals for Jan-March 2009

*Update my cycling log

*Consistency with nutrition

*Keep grades up

*Create projects at work to help with
grad. school objectives

*Study 3 hrs a week for GRE, post notecards of card throughout house

*Complete Grad packet

*Photograph more

*Get into bed earlier
*Write more, creatively and academically
*Love and gratitude
*Ask the universe to supply
*Healing days 2 a month
*Practice tarot cards 1 aweek
*Minimize distractions
*Create art
*Continue to let go
*Keep room organize
*Dress artistically Sundays
*Continue to stay involved and create a niche for myself
*Teach classes
*Heal (free)
*Give away food