Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Axataria: Freedom of worry

I am loving, that is my built-in nature, the 'SATCHITANANDA SWAROOPA', that I am and that I have forgotten due to the ignorance of my Spiritual nature. While discovering my connection with the spirit, my nature, I discover I am already that fullness and happiness, that translates as love when relating. Only as a loving person can I receive or give true love [ not the worldly love]!
Therefore, the love I am seeking is not outside, true happiness is also within me,temporary pleasure and pain are outside.
If i know this and live it, there is no suffering, only oneness and love.

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An aside:This morning during my prayers and meditation, I remembered how important it is to be thankful for everything, and i mean EVERYTHING you have and everyone who participates in your life.

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Friday, July 03, 2009

Water. Clean and serene and hydrating.
The weather. A bright, warm day.
Book: Teaching on Love by Thich N. Hahn
Cotton undies
Movie night
Coloring Books
Dark, smooth skin
Working out
communing with ancestors, learning
bridges and doorways
healing and creating
smooth skin
Our bodies are designed to clean themselves continuously...That is how we stay healthy." Linda Hansen
nursing mommies and midwifery
saving for traveling
feeling "alive"
moving into new spaces
moments where the sight, sound, and touch of my beloved arrests me.
mason jars
kissing and lovemaking
porches and patios
discovering naan bread, yum
being open, abundant, limitless, allowing....

voice tones