Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Artist Statement: First Draft

I have always been interested in personal stories and story-telling. I have also been interested in the layers within those stories or the "story" within the story, especially the mysteries and the power that images play in story-telling. Along with that, I unquestionably celebrate the feminine body, womanhood, food, movement, visual beauty, nature, and transitions. In my personal photographic body of work, I am committed to healing myself by looking within and acting creatively on what really drives me during moments of pain and joy. I am a witness and a catalyst in the service of my unique experiences and expressions that visually bring about the story, fantasy, moment, or sensation that speaks most powerfully within an image through my personal self-portraits.

My body of work has a focus on female nudes and self-expression that explores the themes of spirit, symbolism, emotion, identity, and transition. The process combines intuition, creativity, patience, and technical skills to create powerful images that can reveal an inner world mystery. I enjoy creating fun and safe spaces to explore fears or alter egos, or to simply capture a beautiful image to cherish and fiercely share with the world or privately keep to yourself. My work pushes the boundaries and widens the margins of what a photo can be, and provides a unique and meaningful experience of what Art really is.

In a nutshell, I aim to turn an "ordinary" photo into something magical. I will collaborate with you in a revelation process to create images that deeply unfold who you are and celebrate who you are becoming.

My name is India Ame'y and I am a Photographer, Artist model, Herbal Apothecary, Writer, Nature Dweller, SunWorshiper, Intuitionist, Shiny Dark Godis, Modern Minimalist, and Healer. I reside in Southwest Atlanta with my partner and lover, Saudade.

Friday, November 13, 2009

A SkyDiving Adventure

skydiving is such a wonderful metaphor for life and living and overcoming (perceived) fears!!!

that's me and my love!!!!!!! freefalling and parachuting 15000 FT!!! HECK YEAH. it's a beautiful dayyyyy

we are a little bit behind on because we've been jumping out of planes and whatnot. soooooOOOn!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009 will be up and running in 10 days. We got deadlines but we are going make this happen with every beat of our hearts. xoxo