Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Resilience of Women

Currently Watching:
Yeelen (Brightness), a film about a young Malian man with magical powers who travels to his uncle to request help in fighting his sorcerer father and meets a beautiful woman who shifts his journey and perspective.

At this moment, I am thinking about women all over the continent doing more with 'less'. My confidence and strength are fostered by hearing, reading, and listening to these stories. They are Aje. This was amazing film directed by Gini Reticker documenting the success of Liberia women, who galvanized to bring peace to their country and never gave up!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Healing Serum

I have to be a healer; My ancestors blood still run through my veins. I realized that I experience the presence of god/dess almost solely in nature. So-called "holy" books and churches do nothing for me except cause me to ask more questions. the night-time sky is my cathedral; and my body is my temple. There's a reason the forests, the mountains, the moon, the warmer seasons heal my soul. It's a place I am most comfortable occupying that allows me to be most aware of my spirit. I find answers in my own reflection.

An answer to a man's question, "what can i do about women's liberation?"

Wear a dress.
Wear a dress that you made yourself, or bought in a dress store.
Wear a dress and underneath the dress wear elastic, around your hips, and underneath you nipples.
Wear a dress and underneath the dress wear a sanitary napkin.
Wear a dress and wear sling-back, high heeled shoes.
Wear a dress, with elastic and a sanitary napkiin underneath, and sling-back shoes on you feet and walk down Telegraph Avenue.
Wear a dress, with elastic and a sanitary napkin and sling-back shoes on Telegraph Aevenue and try to run.

Find a man.
Find a nice man who you would like to ask you for a date.
Find a nice man who will ask you for a date.
Keep your dress on.
Ask the nice man who asks you for a date to come to dinner.
Cook the nice man a nice dinner so the dinner is ready before he comes and your dress is nice and clean and wear a smile.
Tell the nice man you're a virgin, or you don't have birth control, or you would like to get to know him better.
Keep your dress on.
Go to the movies by yourself.

Find a job.
Iron your dress.
Wear your ironed dress and promise the boss you won't get pregnant (which in your case is predictable) and you like to type, and be sincere and wear your smile.
Find a job and get on welfare.
Borrow a child and get on welfare.
Borrow a child and stay in the house all day with the child, or go to the public park with the child, and take the child to the welfare office and cry and say your man left you and be humble and wear you dress and your smile, don't talk back, keep your dress on, cook more nice dinners, stay away from Telegraph Avenue, and still, you wouldn't know the half of it, not in a million years.

-Susan Griffin
from No More Masks! An Anthology of Twentieth Century American Women Poets.

Friday, March 12, 2010